August 17, 2016


PureCloud Partner Directory

The new PureCloud Partner Directory provides a database of PureCloud partners who can help organizations buy, implement, service, support, and develop integrations to PureCloud. The directory includes search filters for location and service type and enables direct contact with partners. For more information, see PureCloud Partner Directory.


Faxing from Documents

Users can now easily fax files from their workspaces in Documents. For more information, see Send a fax.

Contact center

New Queues Activity views

New Queues Activity views are available to complement the Queues views. The views include a wider range of real-time agent and queue activity, including the number of agents on queue and off queue. The views also include the time in system and routing statuses, interactions waiting across all media types, and insight into the interactions waiting. For more information, see Queues Activity views