What are premium applications?

Premium applications are AppFoundry apps inside of or running in parallel to Genesys Cloud. Unlike client applications, premium apps integrate with Genesys Cloud’s billing system. You may be charged monthly fees for usage and overages. You cannot install a premium application until you update your Genesys Cloud subscription, by purchasing the premium application for use in your organization.

  • To purchase a premium app, contact Genesys Cloud Sales or visit AppFoundry.
  • Following purchase, use Genesys AppFoundry or Genesys Cloud to install the premium application in your org.
  • During installation, a prompt will appear to Authorize the Premium Applications OAuth Client and Scopes. If you do not want to approve a scope or require more information before approving, contact the vendor.
  • Following installation, assign the unique license and permissions associated with the application to users or groups in your organization. Some apps don’t require you to take this step, because they apply to an entire organization.
  • You do not need to change an app’s configuration unless you want to. Premium apps are pre-configured by default.