The customer updates the Genesys Cloud subscription to include the vendor’s premium application.

    • Genesys notifies the Vendor of the subscription.
    • The Vendor provides the customer installation documentation.

It is your responsibility as application provider, to develop, brand, and pre-configure your custom application to fuse with Genesys Cloud’s administrative user interface, so that your premium application provides the required installation experience. In turn, the Admin > Integrations > Add New command in Genesys Cloud controls access to your app in accordance with Genesys Cloud license restrictions. 

The premium application installation process must include:

  1. The customer completes the installation of the premium application (Admin > Integrations > Add New).
  2. Review and authorize the Premium Application scopes. 

  3. The customer must assign the vendors permission to a new or existing Role.
  4. The initial launch behavior required by an Administrator prompts for permission to do the following tasks:
    1. Create any additional required roles.
    2. Create any required groups.
    3. Create any required OAuth Clients (Code Authorization or Client Credential).
    4. Update the default URL of the installed Premium Application. For example: The default URL should be a generic landing page for installation/configuration of the premium application. After the installation and configuration, the URL definition for the premium application may be updated to the run time URL of the premium application.
  5. Additional instances of the premium application must be programmatically configured by the premium application to simplify the end user experience. For example:
    • Example: Additional sidecar (aka Widget) created and configured.
    • Example: Additional top-level apps created and configured (Supervisor view; Admin View; Agent Views)

Genesys Cloud’s responsibilities to premium applications

Genesys Cloud gates access to your application primarily by the Premium Applications assigned permission. Individual users have no access to the Premium Application without the required permission. Premium Applications may be sub-gate access by Genesys Cloud Group(s) as defined in the Premium Application. Premium Applications may be used in this manner to achieve more granular access of their application. Examples of this configuration are below:

Example (user persona = required setup):

Admin View = Premium Application Permission + Genesys Cloud Group (Premium App – Admin)

Supervisor View = Premium Application Permission + Genesys Cloud Group (Premium App – Supervisor)

Agent View = Premium Application Permission

What your premium app is responsible for

Premium Applications are responsible for securing their application and access control within your application based on the Genesys Cloud user permission(s) and group assignments. The Premium Application is responsible for determining if the Genesys Cloud user has the appropriate permission and/or group assignment to view the page the user is requesting. 

For more information

See AppFoundry articles in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center