Premium applications run inside Genesys Cloud to provide seamless user experiences.  Premium applications, like client applications, allow users to run a web page or web application, such as a CRM, inside Genesys Cloud.

A premium app is a branded installation that grants Genesys Cloud customers access to the license associated with that app. Since a premium app is pre-configured by default, customers don’t have to change an app’s configuration unless they want to.

What makes premium applications different from client applications?

Premium applications extend the scope of client applications by monetizing Genesys Cloud AppFoundry offerings. Because premium applications are integrated with Genesys Cloud’s billing system, application providers are compensated for monthly subscription user count and user overages.

For example, a customer subscribed to allow 10 users, who permits 15 users to use your application, will be billed for 10 subscribed users and 5 overage users, for the current month.

Premium applications offer tangible benefits to application vendors, when compared to client applications. The key differences and advantages of premium applications include:

  • Application usage is directly integrated with Genesys Cloud billing.
  • Permission based access-control. Groups may be used on top of permissions for additional access-control.
  • Premium applications, running as a standalone app, will contain a header providing the name and a link to your help documentation.
  • In the future, premium applications will be required to conform to our AppFoundry style guide (in development).

How are premium applications enabled for customers?

A premium application is purchasable by customers and Genesys Partners on Genesys paper.  When a premium application is purchased,  the application ‘product’ is enabled for the customer to install within their Genesys Cloud org.  Premium application licenses (permissions) are enabled for the customer to assign to their users.

Note: When license(s) per org are enabled, Genesys Cloud does not cap the number available based on the subscription. Customers can assign 1 or as many configured users on the Genesys Cloud Org. Any monthly overages, any license usage above the contracted monthly minimum are calculated automatically for automatic billing.
  • A premium application becomes installable when a Genesys Cloud customer updates his subscription to purchase that add-on for his organization. The customer does this by contacting Genesys Cloud sales.
  • Following purchase, the premium application is visible and installable by the customer. 
  • Following installation, the unique license and permission associated with the application is assigned by the customer to users or groups in his organization.

What are the benefits to automating the Premium Applications installations?

  • Benefits to vendors include speed of deployment, standardization, and supportability. 
  • Simplified installation delivers your premium application quicker. 
  • Customers and resellers can perform their own installations without any services involvement on your part.
  • In the near future, AppFoundry will allow premium applications to support free trials.