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When made available from the third-party providers, Genesys implements AppFoundry free trial offers for premium applications. These free trials are implemented subscription amendments to Genesys Cloud customer subscriptions. AppFoundry free trials consist of a one-month subscription with no commitment. You can cancel the free trial at any time. During the trial, the applications are fully functional and identical to the full version.

Note: Not all premium applications include free trial subscriptions. Availability is at the discretion of the third-party application provider.

Eligibility for free trials

If a third-party provider offers a free trial, all Genesys Cloud customers can sign up by contacting their Customer Success Manager or a Genesys sales representative. For direct and indirect customers, access available free trials with the AppFoundry self-service feature. Log in to see premium application pricing.

Note: Eligibility for indirect customers is based on their Genesys Resellers AppFoundry profile.

How does the free trial work?

A free trial is a purchase of a premium application where the first month of usage includes no cost to the organization. When you sign up for a free trial, Genesys Cloud amends your subscription. Free trials do not require any quantity commitment, and you can cancel at any time inside Genesys Cloud > Account Settings > Subscriptions. All Genesys Cloud subscription types (month-to-month, prepay annual, or annual month-to-month) may trial available premium applications. However, not all premium applications have free trials.

What happens at the end of the trial?

Anytime during the 30-day trial, or after it ends, you can opt to make a commitment or cancel the trial. When you upgrade your subscription to subscribe or commit, all previous work remains intact.

What are the billing options?

You can start a free trial of a premium application at any time during your monthly billing cycle. Because of this option, the trial’s start and end dates may not appear on your monthly billing cycle date.

During the free trial period, you incur no usage charges. If you do not cancel the subscription, Genesys automatically prorates customer usage in the second month, after the trial period completes. Proration occurs on the monthly usage price per unit, which is either a named user or a concurrent user). 

When you sign up for a premium application free trial, you do not commit to the application. Unless you cancel the trial, Genesys bills premium application usage at the application’s month-to-month price of actual usage after the free trial ends.   

Show me an example of a free trial proration

The following is an example of prorated billing of a free trial on a Genesys Cloud subscription. In this case, the premium application is $12.99 per month.

  • Free trial start date: July 19, 2019
  • Free trial end date: August 18, 2019
  • Billing cycle start date: July 14, 2019
  • Billing cycle end date: August 13, 2019

The second month of the premium application usage is August 19 through September 13. The usage is 25 out of a possible 31 days. Genesys prorates the monthly usage price to ((25/31) * $12.99), which equates to $10.48 per licensed user consumed.

Genesys bills usage from the third and future months at the standard $12.99 per licensed user consumed.

Sign up for a free trial

If a third-party provider offers a free trial, the option appears on the application’s AppFoundry page.

Note: The pricing you see reflects the uncommitted price. If you decide, after the free trial ends, to make a commitment to the application, Genesys updates your subscription to the committed pricing structure.

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the application you want to add.
  3. Click the premium application’s card.
  4. Click Free Trial.
  5. If presented with multiple offers, make the appropriate selection.
  6. If necessary, complete any third-party pre-installation tasks.
  7. Click Purchase.
  8. Install the application.
  9. Complete any third-party installation and, if necessary, post-installation tasks.

Genesys Cloud amends your current subscription. After the free trial ends, Genesys bills you for continued use. Pricing depends on whether you make a commitment to the application or continue a month-to-month subscription.

Cancel the free trial

To cancel, perform the following steps:

  1. In Genesys Cloud, click Admin.
  2. Under Account Settings, click Subscription.
  3. Cancel the appropriate application.