Why does an error appear on my survey policy on the policy listing page?

Genesys Cloud only sends one survey per interaction. If more than one survey policy matches an interaction, an error appears. Genesys Cloud selects one of the matching policies to follow, so customers could get any of the survey forms selected in the matching survey policies.

To clear the error and ensure that customers receive the survey you want them to receive, check the survey policies for overlapping matching criteria. Narrow matching criteria on those survey policies so that they could no longer apply to the same interactions.

For more information about web survey policies, see Create a web survey policy.

Why isn’t Genesys Cloud sending survey invitations, even though my flow and policy look correct?

Check the following items:

  • The interaction matches the policy’s criteria.
  • The interaction matches only one policy.
  • The policy does not have an error on the policy listing page.
  • The email address category used as the target address in the survey invite flow matches the address category used in the contact’s profile.
  • The address category in the contact’s profile used as the target address in the survey invite flow has an email address. 
  • The survey invite flow uses expressions where appropriate instead of string literals.
  • The target email addresses are valid.  For more information, see Survey email best practices on how to manage a target email list. 

Why isn’t Genesys Cloud sending a survey reminder?

Check the following items:

  • The policy has more than one invitation.
  • The Reminder subject and Reminder body fields in the Complete Survey action in your survey invite flow are not empty. If these fields are empty, Genesys Cloud does not send a reminder invitation.