Create a web survey policy

  • Recording > Retention Policy > Add permission
  • Recording > Retention Policy > Edit permission
  • RecordingRetention Policy > View permission
  • A published web survey form
  • A published survey invite flow in Architect

Use policies to send surveys after an interaction. Determine which type of interactions trigger a survey invite and how many invitations to send.

Note: Policies do not affect to previous interactions. Policies only apply to interactions that happen after you enable the policy. 
  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Quality, click Policies.
  3. Click Create New Policy.
  4. In Policy Name, enter a name for the policy.
  5. In Description, enter a description of the policy. For example, survey policy for billing interactions between. 
  6. Click a media type tab. 
  7. For each media type, assign one or more Matching Criteria. For more information about matching criteria, see Create a policy
    • Genesys Cloud does not allow policies with overlapping matching criteria to send multiple surveys for a single interaction. When an interaction matches more than one policy, one of the policies send a survey, and the other policies show an error. Best practice recommends making criteria specific enough that policies with survey actions do not overlap.
    • The last agent and queue in the interaction determine if the interaction matches the criteria for the policy.
    • The policy sends the survey invitation to the most recent customer participant in the interaction.
  8. In the Actions to Perform section, assign the following actions for interactions that match the criteria:
    • Recording Retention—Specifies whether to retain or delete a recording. To send survey invitations, you must retain interaction recordings.

      Note: Call recording requires that Line Recording is enabled on the SIP trunk. Contact your telephony administrator and refer them to the Enable Line Recording procedure. 

    • Assign Survey—Automatically sends out a survey invitation. You can specify the following information:
      • Survey form: Select which published form to use. Genesys Cloud automatically uses the most recent version of the form. For more information about survey forms, see Create a web survey form.
      • Flow: Select which survey invite flow to use. For more information about survey flows, see Navigate a survey invite flow.
      • Invitation Sending User: (Optional) Set the user name for the from email address for the survey invitation. A user name that identifies your company helps the customer recognize who the email is from and increases the response rate. For example, you could enter a name such as CompanyNameSupport or CompanyCustomerSevice.
      • Invitation Sending Domain: Select the second part of the from email address for the survey invitation. For more information about setting up email domains, see Manage ACD routing.
      • Invitations: Select how many invitations to send to the customer. Invitations sent after the first invitation are considered reminders. 
      • Period (Days): Appears as an option if you select more than one invitation. Select how long to wait before sending a reminder. You can set reminders to send up to 30 days after the initial invitation. For example, if you want to send three reminders, you can set the period for up to ten days because three reminders multiplied by ten days equals 30 days total. Genesys Cloud then sends four invitations total: the first invitation, the first reminder ten days later, the second reminder 20 days after the first invitation, and the third reminder 30 days after the first invitation. 
        Note: To allow customers time to respond to email or messaging interactions, you can use the message threading timeline to determine how long message conversations remain open. For example, if an agent answers an email interaction on Monday at 1:00 PM and receives no response from the customer, then Genesys Cloud can send the invitation on Thursday at 1:00 PM. However, if the customer replies on Tuesday at 1:00 PM, and the agent responds on Tuesday at 3:00 PM, then Genesys Cloud can send the survey invitation on Friday at 3:00 PM. If the customer is the last participant for the interaction, Genesys Cloud does not send the invitation.
  9. Optionally, assign more actions to perform for interactions that match the criteria. For more information about the other actions, see Create a recording policy
  10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 for each media type that you want the policy to match. 
  11. To enable the policy, click Save. For more information about disabling the policy, see Disable a policy