• Analytics > Conversation Detail > View permission assigned to any user role
  • Recording > Screen Recording > View assigned to any user role

Watch an interaction related screen recording from an interaction’s detail view while listening to its related recorded audio. 

Interaction related screen recording from an interaction's detail view.

  • Before you view a screen recording, set your audio preferences. You cannot modify your audio preferences after you click View Screen Recordings.
  • If the user does not have Recording > Annotation > View permission, the screen recording and audio may be out of sync when audio suppression events (like Secure Pause, Hold Suppression) take place.

  1. Click Performance > Workspace > Interactions.
  2. Click an interaction with a screen recording.
  3. An interaction can have multiple recordings, including audio recordings, voicemails, and screen recordings. If applicable, click Next Recording to navigate through the recordings associated with the interaction.
  4. Click View Screen Recordings. A new playback window opens, including all monitors that you recorded. 
  5. In the playback window, click the Play button to start playback. The screen recording plays back simultaneously with the interaction’s audio, if applicable.
    Note: If you are viewing a recording that has multiple monitors, you can select one of the monitors to focus on by clicking it. Genesys Cloud enlarges the selected screen recording for playback. The other monitors continue to display to the right side.