View an interaction’s audit trail


The entity types you can see in an audit depend on your role:

  • Quality Administrator default role: Calibration, Evaluation, Annotation
  • Quality Evaluator default role: Evaluation, Annotation, Recording
  • Genesys Cloud Supervisor default role: Annotation

The Audit Trail tab displays a history of how the interaction was handled, including the recording, annotations, evaluations, and calibrations.


  1. Click Performance > Interactions.
  2. Click the row for an interaction.
  3. Click the Audit Trail  tab. 

Information included in the interaction’s audit trail

The audit trail lists the following objects and actions:

Evaluation: create, delete, read, update

Calibration: create, delete, read, update

Recording: create, archive, delete, read, update retention, update, restore complete, abandon

Note: The Audit trail does not track recording views and downloads separately. Both viewing the page for a recording and downloading a recording are listed as “Read.” 

Annotation: create, delete, update