• Genesys Cloud CX 1 WEM Add-on II, Genesys Cloud CX 3, Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital, or Genesys Cloud EX license

    Note: Some users can see the coaching tab in the inbox without having a Genesys Cloud CX 3 license. However, you cannot use any of the coaching features without a Genesys Cloud CX 3 license.

    As an agent or facilitator, you receive an inbox notification when someone creates a coaching appointment. The notification clears when a participant marks the appointment as Completed.

    Note: When working with Coaching you can only coach agents in divisions for which you have permission. That is, you can only view data from the division(s) that you are a member of. For more information, see Divisions overview and Assign roles, divisions, licenses, and add-ons .


    You can open the coaching wizard to see the coaching appointment from the notification in your inbox. You can view details and perform the required tasks within the coaching appointment.

    You can view incomplete coaching appointments in your inbox for the last 60 days and up to 60 days in the future.


    Facilitators can change the appointment from the notification by going through the wizard. When you open the appointment, you can edit:

    • Name
    • Details
    • Content
    • Schedule: Date/Time
    • Duration (in minutes, maximum of 60 minutes)

    For more information, see Edit a coaching appointment.

      Note: You cannot change the Attendees or Facilitator after the appointment is scheduled. If the coaching appointment was created in a Quality Management environment and you have since moved to a WFM environment, the appointment cannot be converted into a WFM appointment. All new Appointments will use the WFM scheduling process.


      Agents cannot make any changes to the coaching appointment. Details are read-only. 

      When the agent is assigned a coaching appointment, the agent can review the interactions, links, and documents attached to the coaching appointment assigned to them. Once the agent reviews the attachments, the agent can make notes to record his/her own thoughts about the topic, ask the facilitator questions, and receive responses directly in the Notes tab.

      To view your coaching appointments, click the notification in your inbox, go to Performance > Workspace > My Performance > Development, or select the Activity menu to open your activity page.

      Note: When a participant adds an interaction to a coaching appointment, all participants can view that interaction, based on their permissions to view interactions. All participants can access documents.