Genesys Cloud Coaching enables coaching appointments to be scheduled with employees, to provide support and coaching to help close gaps, drive improvements, and discuss opportunities. 

A coaching appointment lets you do the following:

  • Easily schedule a coaching session between employees.
  • Brings together interactions and other supporting documentation for the coaching session. For example, you can include interaction recordings, how-to guides and other valuable training resources to discuss as part of a coaching journey.
  • Enable both facilitator and agent to add public and private notes before, during and after the coaching appointment. This means you have one centralized source to add requirements, comments and agreed-to next steps.
  • Agents receive coaching appointments in their Inbox. Agents can review the interactions, links, and documents attached to the coaching appointment assigned to them. Once the agent reviews the attachments, the agent can make notes, update the appointment status, and contact the facilitator who assigned the coaching appointment for further instructions.

Key features

  • Details – Includes the coaching appointment name and a description. 
  • Attachments – Attachments are interactions, links, or documents the agent may need for the coaching session. Interactions can be added using the interaction’s full URL path or using the interaction’s ID.
  • Schedule – In the schedule tab facilitators determine the date, time, duration of the coaching session. The schedule options depend on your permissions and the environment you are working in. If you are working in a Workforce Management environment when scheduling the coaching appointment, you will be able to view the participants schedules and check for an available time and day. If you are not working in a Workforce Management environment you will only be able to see your own scheduled coaching sessions. For more information, see the procedures below. For more information, see Schedule a coaching appointment.
  • Notes – Enables communication between the agent and facilitator. In the notes tab you can add, edit, and remove a note. For more information, see Coaching appointment notes.