Validate a script to spot and correct any errors. For example, if an input field requires a default value, but it has no value, validation reports the error.

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Contact Center, click Scripts.

  3. Top open a script in the script editor, click the name of a script.

  4. Click Page .

  5. Click Validation

    Note: If the Validation icon has a red badge, the script contains one or more errors.

    If there are no errors, the list of errors is empty.

    Otherwise, the list indicates the errors detected on the current page and the count of errors on the other pages. Each error includes an explanation of the error. To see a different page, click the name or number of that page.

  6. To select the component that an error applies to, click the error.

    The error description indicates how to correct each problem. You can correct most errors by assigning or modifying a property of the selected component.

  7. After correcting a problem, click Validation  again until you resolve all issues.