Use the About landing pages to find articles

The Resource Center is designed around the concept of landing pages. We have primary landing pages and secondary landing pages. Our primary landing pages are linked to from the Resource Center home and oriented to the various Genesys Cloud user roles. This provides business users, contact center users, administrators, and brand new users a starting point for finding the information they need to get started or to configure advanced features.

As you dive down into one of our primary landing pages you’ll find information on those features that pertain to your role. To highlight the various features within the product, we use secondary landing pages. All of our secondary landing pages begin with the word About. So, for example, if you are looking for information on Architect, your first stop would be the About Architect secondary landing page. On the About Architect landing page, you will find a starting point for locating every Architect article and FAQ in the Resource Center.

Of course, not all the links are on one page, but from an About landing page you can drill down through various articles and other sub-landing pages to find all the pertinent information that the Resource Center has to offer on any particular feature.

While you should be able to track down anything in the Resource Center using the search feature, using the About landing pages to navigate the Resource Center you can find everything that you are looking for and maybe even find something you didn’t know.

While viewing an article in the Resource Center, be sure to look to the left at the Suggested content panel. There you’ll find a list of related content. In particular, at the top of list, you’ll find a link to the About article. A star icon next to an article name indicates that it’s an About page.

In some cases, the related information in the Suggested content panel could be another About landing page connecting you to a differed, but related feature. This means that you might consider our system of secondary landing pages to be a means of navigating the Resource Center.

The Resource Center has About landing pages for every feature in the Genesys Cloud product. So, if you really want to take in all that the Resource Center has offer on all the features in Genesys Cloud, try searching just the keyword About.

For more information, see Search the Resource Center.