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Search tips

  • Use quotation marks for compound words.
  • Do not use Boolean search operators.
  • Do not type in complete How to sentences.

Faceted search

To help you filter through your search results when using the Resource Center’s search tool, you can take advantage of the faceted navigation feature. When you initiate a search in the Resource Center, you’ll see a panel on the left side of the screen that displays a list of filter. To narrow down the search results, select the check box next to the items that you are most interested in seeing. As you do so, the search tool narrows the list of search results to topics that are related to the filters you have selected.

  1. In the Search box, type your search term and click Search .
 Note:Search is not case-sensitive.
  1. To refine your search, click one or more filters. You can filter based on one or more terms in these categories:
    • Features
    • Roles
    • Type

  1. As you select filters, you’ll see that the search tool instantly narrows your list of results. You’ll also see the filters appear across the top the results.
  2. To remove a facet, hover over the filter button and click Close to the right.
  3. To read an article, click its title.

After you select an article, you’ll see additional related articles appear in the Suggested Content panel on the left. In particular, at the top of list you’ll find a link to the About article from which the article you are reading is linked. You’ll also notice that this About article has a star icon next to it. This is intended to draw your to attention to the fact that you can find everything related to the article you are currently reading on that particular About page.