You can now subscribe to and receive specific operational events from the Genesys Cloud Operational Console. These events are actionable in nature and provide you with the necessary details to diagnose and troubleshoot issues. 

Set up the Amazon EventBridge integration

To receive events from the Operational Console using the Amazon EventBridge integration, on the Integration tab, subscribe to{id}.

Access troubleshooting information from the Event Catalog

After you receive events from the Operational Console, you can access the Event Catalog in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center for recommendations on how to get started, read about additional context for events, and review associated diagnosis and troubleshooting steps.

  1. Open the Event Catalog.
  2. To open the documentation for an event, either click the event name on the left navigation pane or scroll down on the Event Catalog and click an EventID.
  3. Read through the documentation for the event, proceed through the recommended diagnosis steps, and apply the troubleshooting steps as needed.
  4. Follow the directions for which points are best to evaluate if the event scenario is resolved and how to proceed if the scenario is not resolved.

Some events are voluminous in nature, or a single event may not indicate an issue. For these events, suggested configuration steps for alerting or thresholding are described in the Event Catalog.
As you review which events to subscribe to, take a moment to review their recommended configuration settings.