Use the Amazon EventBridge integration to store and deliver real-time data from Genesys Cloud events.


Amazon EventBridge is an event bus service that connects your applications and sends real-time data to your intended sources. EventBridge takes events sent from Genesys Cloud and provides meaningful data through the subscriptions that you set up. These events appear in AWS in JSON format.

Get the Amazon EventBridge integration

The Amazon EventBridge integration is available in Genesys Cloud. After you set up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and sign in to the Amazon EventBridge console, the integration is available for configuration in your Genesys Cloud org.

Configure the Amazon EventBridge integration

Configure the Amazon EventBridge integration as a client application Integration in Genesys Cloud. Give application consent in AWS. Then, to complete the configuration, enable a Genesys Cloud setting to allow EventBridge to collect event data.