Synchronization of external platform data

The Genesys Cloud Employee Experience (EX) product allows you to use workforce engagement capabilities, for example, scheduling, and employee performance, and at the same time enables you to handle contact center voice interactions using an external platform.

To perform and use workforce engagement capabilities within Genesys Cloud EX, customers must synchronize data from an external customer experience platform. 

Note: Genesys Cloud provides the interface, but an external integration application performs data synchronization from an external platform to Genesys Cloud.

The integration application determines the scope and mapping of external data elements to synchronize.

For more information about how to build a Genesys Cloud EX integration application, see Genesys Cloud EX Integration Guide.

Configuration data synchronization

To view data about interactions to handle externally, configure the external platform and synchronize it with Genesys Cloud.   

Synchronization of configuration data must be performed in two steps:

The two steps to configure and synchronize data are as follows:

  • Initial Sync: A one-time synchronization that imports the existing external configuration into Genesys Cloud. 
  • Ongoing Sync: A continuous synchronization that triggers a Genesys Cloud update when it detects changes to the configuration in the external platform.

The following configuration information must be synchronized with Genesys Cloud using Genesys Cloud Platform APIs:

  • User and person information
  • ACD skills and languages
  • Divisions
  • Queues
  • Wrap up codes
  • Secondary statuses

Agent status data synchronization

When you work with workforce engagement capabilities (for example, workforce management, employee performance, and so on), you must continuously synchronize external platform data about the agent’s presence and routing status with Genesys Cloud.

  •  Presence: Presence indicates if an agent is available. Since the agent could handle interactions in an external platform, Genesys expects that the source of truth for presence data comes from the external platform. For more information, see Agent presence, status, and activity indicators.
    Note: Currently, Genesys supports one presence source per organization.
  • Routing status: An agent’s routing status indicates the current work mode that relates to the specific agent. For example, On Queue, Not Responding, Communicating, Idle, and Offline. Since the agent can handle interactions in an external platform, Genesys expects that the source of truth for routing status data comes from the external platform.

Interaction data synchronization

When you work with workforce engagement capabilities, to create conversations you must synchronize the agent’s voice customer interactions from the external platform with Genesys Cloud. 

Every external interaction must have an external source platform so that users can easily reference and differentiate external interactions within Genesys Cloud EX.

Note: Currently, Genesys only supports synchronizing voice interactions with Genesys Cloud.