Before you begin to use key employee experience features, use the Genesys Cloud UI to verify that all key employees can access the external configurations. If you want to delete any external configurations, make sure to first delete them from the external platform, and then manually delete them in Genesys Cloud using the UI. As an extra precaution, Genesys recommends that you do not perform deletions systematically by the integration application.

The Genesys Employee Experience (EX) platform enables you to use workforce engagement capabilities; for example, scheduling, and employee performance. The platform also enables you to handle voice contact center customer interactions from an external platform.

To perform and use workforce engagement capabilities within Genesys Cloud EX, you must regularly synchronize key configurations between your external platform and Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Synchronization of external platform data.

User management and divisions

Verify that the appropriate users exist and ensure that you associate them with the appropriate divisions. Also, verify that the appropriate divisions exist. For more information, see About people and permissions, Divisions overview, and User skills overview.

ACD skills and languages

Verify that ACD skills are assigned to users. ACD skills indicate an agent’s area of expertise and knowledge.

Confirm that languages were created to indicate the agent’s spoken language preference for interaction handling. For more information, see Manage ACD skills.


Verify that the relevant queues have been created, and that each queue relates to the appropriate division. For more information, see Queue administration and Divisions overview.

Wrap-up codes

Verify that wrap-up codes exist to indicate the nature of an interaction. For example, a completed sale, a customer dissatisfied with service, or a billing problem. For more information, see Wrap-up code administration.

Secondary presence statuses

Verify that secondary presence statuses appear as expected. For more information, see Presence, status, and activity indicators overview and Secondary status overview.