Show the schedule summary

Note: The schedule summary is for the entire management or business unit, whichever is applicable. Setting agent filters does not change the summary values.

You can view and copy to your clipboard summary calculations for statistics in a specific schedule. The schedule summary includes:

 The ‘Efficiency target percent’ value affects the ‘Percent of all intervals meeting efficiency target’ statistic.

  • Total agents: The total number of unique agents in the schedule with at least one shift.
  • Total shifts.
  • Total paid hours.
  • Total scheduled hours.
  • Total of on queue hours.
  • Total forecast of on queue hours needed.
  • Net of on-queue hours. Calculated as:
    total of on queue hours - the total forecast on queue hours needed
  • Total shrinkage hours, or the total hours in non-on queue activities. 
  • Efficiency target percent. This value is 80% by default. However, you can configure it with dynamic updates to the Percent of all intervals meeting efficiency target statistic. Calculated as:
    (1 – (abs(scheduled on queue staff – forecast staffing requirement) / forecast staffing requirement)) * 100
  • Percent of all intervals meeting efficiency target. The percent of all intervals that meet efficiency target setting out of total intervals.
  • Overall schedule efficiency. This formula also calculates interval level schedule efficiency, but applied across the entire schedule.
  • Largest understaffed interval.

View the schedule summary

  1. To access the Schedule Summary dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Click Select Action and select Show Summary.
    • Press Shift+U.
  2. (Optional) To recalculate the efficiency target percentage, use the up and down arrows to change the percentage.
    Note: This change dynamically updates the Percent of all intervals meeting efficiency target statistic.
  3. (Optional) To copy the schedule summary to your device’s clipboard, click Copy to Clipboard and then paste it into the application of choice.