Within a task sequence, use the Set Screen Pop action to select a predefined script and, if required, configure the input variables that store the selection made by the user at runtime. The options in this action determine what database information Architect should gather, what you want the participant to enter, or actions you want an agent to take when an interaction reaches his or her queue.

  • Only published scripts are available from the Set Screen Pop action. For more information, see Publish a script.
  • Pop up scripts only work when you transfer to ACD.
  • Any values passed to script variables that use this action are visible as participant data on the interaction. You can view the data on the interaction details and you can export it using analytics APIs. Best practice recommends that you do not use these variables for PII because the values are not deleted or updated by the GDPR APIs and may mean that GDPR rules are broken.

This action is available in the Flow category of the task editor’s Toolbox. 

Name Description and use

Name field

Type a distinctive name for the set screen pop action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the task sequence.

Screen Pop Script

Select the appropriate script from this list. The script designer created and published these scripts in Genesys Cloud scripting.


Depending on the selected script, define the variables the screen pop displays or executes at runtime. If the script does not require defined variables, Architect displays a message indicating that the selected screen pop script has no inputs.

Note:  Click the arrow next to Inputs  to expand or collapse the list of variables.

hide or show descriptions

Click this link to remove or display the descriptions for each variable type specified for each input.