Use the Send Response action in chat or message flows to configure a message and return it to an SMS or messaging channel recipient. From the Toolbox, drag a Send Response action into the appropriate location in the task editor.

Name Description
Name field Type a distinctive name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the task sequence.
Chat only: Message Style Select how the chat widget differentiates between messages. For example, use Notice for announcements such as “Agent is joining the chat!” Use Standard for general chat messaging. The default setting is Notice.
Message Body

Enter the message as an expression for delivery to the recipient, or click to open the message builder menu and select from other message options. 

  • To create more complex expressions, select Expression and click the keyboard button. The Edit Message Body dialog box opens. For more information, see Work in the Edit Message Body dialog box.
  • To create simple messages in the Message Body box, select Literal and enter the message string.
  • To create more complex sequences using any combination of data, expressions, prompts, and text elements, select String Builder. The String Builder dialog box opens. For more information, see Set up a message with the String Builder.