In the Edit Message Body dialog box, you can create complex expressions to send to the message recipient.

The String Builder, accessible from the Send Response action, allows you to create a more complex ordered sequence of message elements to send to a recipient. You can use any combination of data, expressions, prompts, and text elements.

Access the Edit Message Body dialog box

Open the String Builder dialog box from a Send Response action’s Message Body. By default, the Message Body box is blank. 

  1. From a message flow’s task or state editor, drag a Send Response action into the appropriate location.
  2.  Under Message Body, do one of the following:
  3. Add a simple expression in the Enter Expression field.
  4. To create more complex expressions, click the Keyboard button . The Edit Message Body dialog box opens. 

Set up the message body expression

In the Edit Message Body dialog box, you can use the expression builder to create expressions for message scenarios. In addition, you can also access expression help, which includes a comprehensive list of message elements to include in your expression. Here, you can view detailed descriptions, examples, and sample output. Copy and paste an appropriate expression example into the message sequence design form and modify it for your expression.

This table lists the options available in the Edit Message Body dialog box.

Icon Category Description
Functions Access inline help for expressions.
Currency list Select from available currency elements for your expression.
Language code Select from available language elements for your expression.
Literals  Select from available literals for your expression, such as true, false, NOT_SET, \n, \t, and \”.
Variables  Select from available process elements for your expression by clicking them in lists.
Builder Opens the function builder for the function at the current carat.
Selector Selects the function at the current cursor position.