Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Full-text indexing of files in Documents.

  • Content Management User permission assigned to any role

As your content repository extends, you can take advantage of Document’s robust searching features to find your files. Documents searches your My Workspace and all of the group workspaces to which you belong. All of the matching files appear in a consolidated list for you.

With Documents, you can tailor your search to find the exact files you want. For example:

  • All of the files that are shared with you
  • All of the files that have the “Important” tag that Bob Snyder created
  • All of the recordings from a particular caller
  • All of the PDF files created within the past two weeks that contain the words “product launch”

  1. Click Documents.
  2. In the Search Documents box, type a simple search.
    For example, type the name of the file or the name of the author. For more information about how to create a simple search, see Search examples.

  3. Select the workspaces that you want to search. 
    To select a workspace, hover over it and then click its selection button.


  4. Click the search icon.
    Your search results appear in the Search Documents page. You can now use views and filters to refine your search.

  • To see all of the files in all workspaces, do not select any workspaces.
  • To see all files within the workspaces you selected, do you not type anything in the Search Documents box.

Documents searches for matches in the file title, created by name, file type, and tags. Capitalization does not matter.

Search examples

If you search for… You find…
da, Da, or DA Files created by David Smith, files named Daily Report, and files tagged data.
PDF or pdf  Files that have the PDF extension

 Files that include 12 in the document title 

Note: You do not find files from 2012 unless “12” appears in one of the fields that you searched for.

After you search you can select views to see the documents that match the view criteria. For example, to search for reports that are in your My Workspace, first search for “Report.” Then, on the Search Documents page, click My Documents.

View Description
All All files in your Documents repository
My Documents Files in your My Workspace
Recent The files that you have most recently added to your My Workspace and group workspaces
Shared with me Files that have been shared with you
Shared by me Files that you have shared
Shared with everyone Files that have been shared publicly by anyone in your organization

When you apply a view, it appears above the file list. 

You can apply multiple views. To see more results, you can remove views.

To further refine your search results use filters. 

Filters let you refine your search based on specific criteria.

  1. To select a filter, click its name in the list. The number next to a filter indicates the number of matching records.facets2
    Note: The more filters you click, the fewer matching files you see. For example, if you select the facets, “Content Type = PDF” and “Date Created = In the Past 30 Days,” then only the files that match both filters appear in the search result list.
  2. To define a specific date range, click Custom Range.
  3. To see more filters, click More.
  4. Remove filters if you do not see enough results. 
  5. To restart the search, remove all filters and then type a new search string.
  6. Click the search icon.