Starting June 30, 2024, Genesys will no longer support Screenshare functions for Chat and Voice in Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Deprecation: Legacy Co-browse and Screenshare.

  • Genesys Cloud CX 3 or Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital license

    A screen share session is an addition to a voice or web chat interaction that allows agents to see the screen of the sharer. Agents can see what customers do in real time during active voice and web chat interactions. With screen share you can: 

    • Allow sharers to share their entire desktop.
    • Give sharers the ability to stop a screen share session at any time.
    • Let sharers launch a screen share session from Chrome, Firefox, or your desktop application.
    • Configure screen share to require no additional downloads for your customers.

    Screen share offers flexible implementation options to suit your organization’s needs. For more information, see Plan for screen share.

    Note: This article is for a screen share session between a Genesys Cloud agent and an external user. For more information about screen sharing between two Genesys Cloud users, see Start screen sharing.

    How screen share works

    Screen share uses WebRTC to send and receive the screen share. Sharers only require a WebRTC compatible application to share their screens. You can either include the WebRTC capable Chromium Embedded Framework in your desktop application, or direct customers to use a WebRTC compatible web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. For more information, see Screen share client options.

    The agent requests a screen share session during a voice or web chat interaction. For voice, the agent verbally communicates the security key to the sharer, who then types it in a form. For web chat, Genesys Cloud shares the security key behind the scenes, with no action needed from the agent. After Genesys Cloud connects the screen share session, the agent can see the sharer’s screen, and either the agent or the sharer can end the screen share.

    Voice to screen share flow Web chat to screen share flow
    1. From a current voice interaction, the agent clicks the start screen share icon.
    2. Genesys Cloud generates a security key for the screen share.
    3. The agent verbally shares the security key with the sharer.
    4. The sharer enters the security key and chooses a screen to share when prompted.
    5. Once connected, the agent can see what the sharer does on the shared screen.
    6. Either the agent or the sharer ends the screen share.
    1. From a current web chat interaction, the agent clicks the start screen share icon.
    2. Genesys Cloud sends a chat message to the sharer requesting a screen share session.
    3. The sharer accepts the request to start a screen share session and chooses a screen to share.
    4. Once connected, the agent can see what the sharer sees on the shared screen.
    5. Either the agent or the sharer ends the screen share.