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By design, the WebRTC Media Helper fails back to streaming through VDI if the WebRTC Media Helper connection inadvertently disconnects or closes. This failback method ensures that an agent can continue to answer subsequent calls. However, in some VDI configurations, this failback method can degrade audio quality or cause issues with the VDI infrastructure.

If you encounter issues with the WebRTC Media Helper failback method, you can prevent the failback operation from occurring by enabling the Require WebRTC Media Helper setting.

Warning: When you enable the Require WebRTC Media Helper setting on a WebRTC station, any disconnect causes subsequent inbound and outbound calls to fail. The result will be a Media helper not connected error. To re-establish the WebRTC Media Helper connection, agents must access the Genesys Cloud WebRTC Media Helper app for your region and log in. For more information, see Use WebRTC Media Helper in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment

You can enable the Require WebRTC Media Helper setting in the WebRTC base settings or a WebRTC phone setting. The Require WebRTC Media Helper setting appears in the Media section of the WebRTC configuration. For more information, see Configure the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone and About WebRTC Media Helper.