Manage recordings


  • Quality Administrator role

You can control recording settings for your organization.

To manage recordings, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Admin
  2. Under Quality, click Recording Management.
  3. Change settings as necessary:
    • Screen recordings—You can limit the bandwidth used by screen recordings by setting a maximum number of simultaneous screen recordings. This setting can be particularly useful if you have quality management policies that automatically initiate a screen recording. You can have a maximum of 2000 simultaneous screen recordings. For more information, see Manage active screen recordings.
      Note: If you record more than 1 monitor, the amount of required bandwidth multiplies. For example, 4 monitors could require 4 times as much bandwidth.
    • Orphaned recordings—Identifies recordings stored only on the Genesys Cloud Edge device. For more information, see View orphan recordings.
    • Storage of Call Recordings—Select to always store call recordings in your home region, or to store call recordings in the region defined in your Global Media Fabric trunk configuration