Manage recordings


You can control recording settings for your organization.

To manage recordings, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Admin
  2. Under Quality, click Recording Management.
  3. Change settings as necessary:
    • Maximum Simultaneous Screen Recordings Allowed—You can limit the bandwidth used by screen recordings by setting a maximum number of simultaneous screen recordings. This setting can be particularly useful if you have quality management policies that automatically initiate a screen recording. You can have a maximum of 2000 simultaneous screen recordings.
      Note: If you record more than 1 monitor, the amount of required bandwidth multiplies. For example, 4 monitors could require 4 times as much bandwidth.
    • Number of Currently Active Screen Recordings—View how many screen recordings are simultaneously in progress.
      Note: If you set the count to zero, interactions that are already in progress will continue, but new recordings will not be allowed to start.
    • Storage of Call Recordings—Select to always store call recordings in your home region, or to store call recordings in the region defined in your Global Media Fabric trunk configuration. For more information, see Store recordings in local Genesys Cloud regions.
    • Orphaned recordings—Identifies recordings stored only on the Genesys Cloud Edge device. For more information, see View orphan recordings.