• ConversationCallRecord permission

Access recordings from the inbox. You can also listen to, share, and manage recordings from your workspace in Documents

Note: This article describes how to listen to user-initiated recordings during calls not related to queues. For more information about listening to recordings made during queue-related voice interactions, see View interaction detail
  1. On the sidebar, click Inbox .
  2. Click Recordings .The Recordings icon as seen in the Inbox
  3. To open a recording, select it. The recording loads.
  4. Click Play .
    The recording plays on your computer’s default speakers.
  5. To download the recording, click Download .
    Note: Download times vary according to the length of the recording. If a recording is several minutes long, it may take several seconds to download.
  6. To do more with the recording, click More .
    • Mark the recording as unread or read.
    • Download the recording.
    • Share the recording.
    • Rename the recording.
    • Delete the recording.