Listen to recordings

  • ConversationCallRecord permission (included in the Communicate – User role)

Access recordings from the inbox. You can also listen to, share, and manage recordings from your workspace in Documents

Note: This article describes how to listen to user-initiated recordings during calls not related to queues. For more information about listening to recordings made during queue-related voice interactions, see View interaction detail
  1. Click Inbox on the sidebar.Inbox icon
  2. Click Recordings.Recordings icon
  3. To open recording, select it.
  4. Click Play.
    The recording plays on your computer’s default speakers.
  5. To download the recording, click DownloadDowload icon
  6. To do more with the recording, click More.More Options menu
    • Mark the recording as unread or read.
    • Download the recording.
    • Share the recording.
    • Rename the recording.
    • Delete the recording.

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