Before the system places a call, pre-call rule conditions are evaluated to determine whether to carry out an action, such as setting caller ID number and name, updating a contact column, or not dialing a contact.

When Test to see if Comparator Value Perform action if condition Action

Before the call is placed

contact list column,

contact property,

phone number, or

phone type (home, cell, etc.)

begins with, contains, ends with, is, or equals

my value

is met (Invert Condition = No)


is not met (Invert Condition = Yes)

An inverted condition performs an action when the condition is not met.

Set Caller ID name and number, or don’t dial this number, or  update a contact list column, or make this call a Preview call

Set Rule Category to Pre-Call

Set rule condition to one of the above

Select a comparison operator

Type or select a value

(Optional) Use switch to invert the condition.

figure shows switch used to invert a condition

Select an action type


  • If a pre-call rule evaluation fails (for example if it times out waiting for the rules service), then the system does not place the call. This behavior ensures that the system only places calls that it should.

  • A pre-call rule evaluation exception exists for ACD-routed preview calls. Rules that examine pre-call phone type or phone number when there are multiple contact columns are not evaluated for ACD-routed preview calls. That would not make sense, since an ACD-routed preview call is a single interaction, regardless it its type or other numbers in the record.

  • Preview campaigns with rules that have pre-call do-not-call actions are executed before the call is placed or routed. This prevents agents from placing calls that won’t be called because of DNC rules. Specifically, pre-call DNC rules are evaluated before preview calls are routed, and also prior to the call being placed after the agent clicks “begin call”.