When running outbound campaigns in Genesys Cloud, keep in mind the following limits:

Feature Limits

A maximum of 50 voice campaigns can run concurrently.

A maximum of 25 digital campaigns can run concurrently.

At least 15 agents are recommended for predictive campaigns, and at least 15 agents for power campaigns. When the list of agents is less than the minimum, the limited data set can make the agent availability calculations inaccurate.

Each of these types has entity limits of 1,000:

  • Voice campaigns
  • Digital campaigns
  • Sequences
  • Contact lists
  • Contact list filters
  • DNC lists
  • Attempt controls
  • Contactable time sets
  • Call analysis response sets
  • Call rule sets
  • Campaign rules

The maximum number of calls dialed per second (CPS) is 15 per organization.

Note: Over 90% of Genesys Cloud customers require less than 15 CPS per org. However, the system is designed to accommodate over 100 CPS per org. To ensure proper limit utilization, if you require a higher limit, contact the Genesys Cloud Product Team.

The maximum number of campaign calls the system can place to an agent is 15.

The maximum number of API calls from rules per second is five per pre-call and five per wrap-up.

The maximum number of lines used is 300–350 per active Edge in an Edge group, based on the Edge version listed here: Concurrent call capacity for BYOC Premises Edge models.

Campaigns can only have four columns to sort by.

All object names are limited to 64 characters.
Preview campaigns are limited to be between 1 second and 20 minutes for the preview timer.

There can only be two data action conditions on a running campaign.

The maximum number of data actions used as conditions is two per rule, rule set, and running campaign.

The maximum number of data actions used as actions is 10 per rule, rule set, and running campaign.

Note: Data actions that are configured for the campaign can impact (slow down) the message sending speed. 

A “Schedule Callback” call rule action cannot schedule a callback more than 30 days in advance.

Phone numbers must have at least 10 digits to be dialed and must be in E.164 format.

Contact and contact list limits

The maximum number of contacts per org is five million.

The maximum number of contacts per contact list is one million.

Do Not Contact (DNC) records are limited to one million records per DNC list, and two million per org.

The character limit for data in contact list header columns is 128 characters.

The character limit for data in contact list column entries is 512 characters.

The limit for the number of columns in a contact list is 50 columns.

The maximum number of phone number columns allowed per list is 10.

A given contact list can only be on one running campaign at a time.

Only one contact list filter can be used on a campaign at a time.

A maximum of 10 conditions can be added on a contact list filter.

Numeric values in conditions are limited to 65 digits and only 20 digits after a decimal point.

Attempt controls

Recalls can only be scheduled for a total duration of eight hours, and for no less than five minutes.

Total max attempts for contacts and numbers cannot exceed 100.

The maximum number of attempt control entities is 1,000.

Dynamic Queuing

You can have up to five active Dynamic Queueing sorting campaigns per organization running concurrently.

You can have a total of 10 active and inactive Dynamic Queueing sorting campaigns per organization. Be sure to delete your inactive campaigns.

The following items do not have limits, but impact overall performance when used at high levels:

  • The number of steps and conditions per call rule.
  • The number of rules running concurrently.
  • The number of scheduled interactions.

    For more information, see About outbound dialing.

    • The maximum number of schedules per campaign is one.
    • The maximum number of intervals per campaign schedule is 500.