Feature coming soon: Digital data filtering rules

Administrators can create and apply data filters to the inbound digital interactions to mitigate the risk of sensitive data exposure by agents or customers. You can create custom data filters with regular expressions to identify and filter specific information, such as email addresses, government identification numbers, financial account numbers, and other text strings as defined by a regular expression.

You can enable one or more filters for the following digital channels:

  • Web Messaging
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Open Messaging

After you enable the filters, Genesys Cloud applies each filter to the message bodies of the digital channels. Genesys Cloud replaces the strings that match a data filter with the filter character, X. The filter character is then presented in place of the matching string and also stored in the transcript. Thereafter, the matching strings are not visible to the agent and they are not stored in the platform.

Predefined filters

Predefined filters are ready-made filters that work without any special configuration. Genesys Cloud provides the following set of predefined filters:

  • Email Masks email addresses.
  • SSN Masks nine-digit United States Social Security Numbers (SSN).
  • Phone Number Masks phone numbers.
  • IPv4 Masks IP addresses in the IPv4 format.
  • IPv6 Masks IP addresses in the IPv6 format.

For more information, see Manage data filters.

    Custom filters

    You can create your own data filters with the filter criteria to meet your requirement.

    Custom data filters are useful when you want to exclude specific data that has a standard format and can be defined by a regular expression. For example, a scenario where you want to hide or avoid storing country ZIP codes received through any digital channel. You can define a regular expression that matches the format of various ZIP codes. Then, select one or more digital channels for applying the filter against and enable the filter. Genesys Cloud applies the filter to the message bodies on the selected digital channels and prevents the agent from seeing the ZIP codes and also the platform from further processing or storing the matching strings.

    For more information, see Create a data filter.

    Limitations with data filters

    • You can have up to 15 active filters at a time for each channel.
    • You cannot filter the metadata of messages in digital channels. The filters can be used for message bodies only.
    • You cannot selectively apply the filters to specific roles. They are uniformly applied for all users.
    • You cannot restore the matching strings once they are filtered out.
    • You cannot utilize any strings matching the filters for subsequent processing, such as authentication or routing.
    • You cannot utilize any strings matching the filters for further processing within the platform as data is filtered before any other processes in the Genesys Cloud platform.
    • You cannot apply the filters to historical data. In other words, Genesys Cloud applies data filtering to inbound messages only after you enable the filter.