Learn how to migrate your web chat offers to web messaging offers.


The new web messaging feature in Genesys Cloud CX replaces web chat. With web chat, your website developer configured and deployed a web chat widget to your website. Your developer also deployed the Genesys Predictive Engagement tracking snippet to your website.

With web messaging, you configure web messaging and Genesys Messenger in Genesys Cloud CX and then deploy the Messenger snippet to your website. The Messenger snippet replaces the tracking snippet and eliminates the need for the web chat widget to capture journey insights.

Migration tasks

To migrate your web chat offers to web messaging offers, complete the following tasks:

  1. Ensure that your organization completed the applicable migration tasks in the Web chat to web messaging migration guide.
  2. In Genesys Cloud CX, configure and deploy Messenger. Ensure that you turn on Track customer journey data to allow Predictive Engagement to track visitors on your website.
  3. In Predictive Engagement, edit each action map that uses the web chat action and change the action type to web messaging. There isn't an automated process to switch your action maps from web chat to web messaging. So, you must update each action map manually.
  4. Have your website developer complete the tasks to migrate your website. These tasks include removing certain methods and code from your website; and running commands and subscribing to events to track website activity.