Messenger Homescreen and knowledge workbench overview

Feature coming soon 

Messenger now provides a configuration option named homescreen. This enables the Messenger to offer a personalized landing page when the customer visits the Messenger rather than immediately placing the customer in the conversation. Homescreen becomes especially beneficial when paired with the new Knowledge App for Messenger. By enabling both Homescreen and the Knowledge App, the customer can freely navigate between a conversation with a bot or agent and the public knowledge base maintained by your brand for common questions and support topics. As we continue to release new Messenger App capabilities, homescreen will become an exceedingly powerful touchpoint for your customers.

Homescreen also enables the following enhancements for Messenger:

  • Add a brand logo to your Messenger header
  • Customize predefined labels in the Messenger homescreen for each supported language

For more information on configuring your brand’s knowledge base, see About the knowledge workbench V2.