Series: Architect tutorial for beginning users

Lesson 8: Validate and publish the Genesys Cloud Animal Care call flow

In the previous lessons, we built most of Genesys Cloud Animal Care’s initial call flow configuration. The final steps in the Beginner series involve checking the call flow for errors, resolving any errors, and then publishing it for availability. 

Note: Publishing a new call flow does not activate it. An admin must first assign the flow to specific numbers before the flow is active. For more information, see the Suggested content.


  • Review call flow validation errors.
  • Add TTS to prompts resources and menu choices.
  • Publish the call flow.

Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes


Additional resources

To use the example shown here:

  1. Click this link to download the file: Architect Tutorial Beginning Users.
  2. Extract the BeginnerTutorial flow and import it into your new flow.

Note: If you need help importing the flow, follow the instructions in the Import the flow.txt file included in the .zip file.

  1. Make any necessary modifications.


In this section, you check the call flow for validation errors and resolve them according to type.

The flow likely contains some prompt validation errors. These errors occur because when we added French as a supported language in Lesson 7, we did not set up French audio or TTS equivalents for the English prompts that we created in Lesson 1. 

  1. On the Genesys Cloud Animal Care’s Inbound Call Flow page, click Validate. The validation process returns some errors highlighted in red, and some highlighted in yellow.

Note: Red validation errors prevent the call flow from working, and you must resolve them before Architect implements it for call processing. Yellow validation errors include suggestions or best practice recommendations, but do not prevent the call flow from working.

  1. Hover over the red validation error number to view a brief explanation of the error. In this case, Architect informs you of several user prompt errors in various audio sequences.

  1. In the call flow’s Resources area, click Prompts. Architect returns a list of system and user prompts used in this call flow. We can resolve the user prompt errors here.
  2. In the Prompts design area, in the Name column click GCACAppointmentMenu. The Edit Prompt dialog box opens. Notice that, in the Resources area, the English prompt contains audio, but the French prompt does not contain audio or TTS.
  3. The French version of Genesys Cloud’s Appointment Menu is shown below. You can add it as TTS, or you can record it in audio. For this step, copy the text and paste it as TTS. 
Pour le Dr Jones , appuyez sur 1 ou dire docteur Jones . Pour le Dr Smith , appuyez sur 2 ou dire le docteur Smith . Pour le salon de toilettage , appuyez sur 3 ou dire salon de toilettage.
  1. Click OK, and then click Validate again. Only 10 red validation errors remain. 

  1. Hover over a yellow validation error number to view a brief explanation of the error. In this case, Architect informs you that not all languages have speech recognition terms.
  2. Click the first error highlighted in yellow. Architect opens the Transfer to User action in the reusable Appointments menu for Dr. Baskerville. We can resolve this error here.
  3. In the Transfer to User design area, next to Speech Recognition click show all languages. The Speech Recognition area expands to include a box for French (Canada).
  4. In the French (Canada) box, type Dr. Baskerville and press enter or return.
  5. Click Validate again. Only nine yellow validation errors remain.


Follow the tasks above to resolve the remaining red and yellow validation errors.

Follow the task above to resolve the remaining validation errors for the missing language prompts. The French versions are below. You can record them in French, or you can copy them and paste them as TTS.

Prompt English TTS French TTS
GCACContinueEnFrancais To continue in French, press two. Pour continuer en français, appuyez sur deux.
GCACEmergency Is this a pet-related medical emergency? Est-ce une urgence médicale liée animal?
GCACInitialGreeting Thank you for calling Genesys Cloud Animal Care. Merci d’appeler Genesys Cloud protection des animaux.
GCACLostOrFound Press one to report a lost pet. Press two to report a found pet. Appuyez sur l’une pour signaler un animal perdu . Appuyez sur deux pour signaler un animal trouvé.
GCACMainMenu To schedule a medical appointment, or to reach the grooming salon, please press 1. For information about our pet tracking network and services, please press 2. If you have recently lost your pet or have located a pet with a Genesys Cloud Animal Care tracking ID, please press 3. Pour un rendez-vous médical, ou pour atteindre le salon de toilettage , se il vous plaît appuyez sur 1. Pour plus d’informations sur notre réseau et les services de suivi animal , se il vous plaît appuyez sur 2. Si vous avez récemment perdu votre animal de compagnie ou avez un animal de compagnie situé avec un Genesys Cloud Animal Care ID suivi , se il vous plaît appuyez sur 3.
GCACOnCallVet Please hold while we locate the on-call doctor. Se il vous plaît patienter, nous tentons de localiser le médecin sur appel.
GCACPetID Please enter your eight-digit pet ID or phone number. Se il vous plaît entrer votre ID huit chiffres pour animaux de compagnie ou numéro de téléphone.
GCACPetTracker The pet tracking product provides peace of mind for your entire family. With a simple tracking tag, charging station, solar panel, and backyard fence, you can have peace of mind that your pet will not absentmindedly wander off. Le produit de suivi des animaux de compagnie offre la tranquillité d’esprit pour toute votre famille . Avec une simple balise de suivi , la station de charge , panneau solaire , et jardin clôture, vous pouvez avoir la tranquillité d’esprit que votre animal ne sera pas distraitement égarer.
GCACRepresentative Please hold while we transfer you to the appropriate representative. Se il vous plaît tenir pendant que nous vous transférons au représentant approprié.
GCACShelter Thank you. We have submitted your information to our shelter. Merci. Nous avons soumis vos informations à notre refuge.

Follow the task above to resolve the remaining yellow validation errors for the missing speech recognition terms. The French versions are listed below. You can record them in French, or you can copy them and paste them as TTS. Remember, within each action’s Speech Recognition area, click show all languages to view the French (Canada) speech recognition box.

Location English term French term
Dr. Smith (Transfer to User action in the Appointments menu) Dr. Smith Dr. Smith
Emergency Call (Transfer to Number action in the Emergency Menu) yes oui
Grooming Salon (Transfer to Number action in the Appointments menu) grooming salon salon de toilettage
Jump to Appointments (Jump to Menu action in the Main Menu) appointments rendez-vous
Jump to Pet Lost or Found (Jump to Menu action in the Main Menu) lost, found a perdu, a trouvé
Jump to Pet Tracking Services (Jump to Reusable Task action in the Main Menu) pet tracking suivi animal
Opted for French (Jump to Reusable Task in the Prompt for Language Starting Menu) french français
Pet is found (Jump to Reusable Task in the Pet Lost or Found Reusable Menu) found a trouvé
Pet is lost (Jump to Reusable Task in the Pet Lost or Found Reusable Menu) lost a perdu

To complete the call flow and make it available for selection in the Genesys Cloud admin’s IVR Configuration options, click PublishArchitect publishes the call flow and checks it in.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Architect tutorial for beginning users. If you would like to continue with Advanced lessons, then see the Suggested content.

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