Jump to Reusable Task action

Use the Jump to Reusable Task action to jump to a complete task previously configured in the Reusable Tasks area, or to transfer the flow for the interaction to a task. A reusable task action can be used in multiple locations within a call flow. This action is available in the Toolbox’s Task category. This action is only available in menu choices, not within task sequences. Menu choices contain common settings such as DTMF and speech recognition. 

Action Description
Name field

Type a distinctive name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the flow structure.

Task Select the task you want to jump to. A list of reusable tasks appears in the Reusable Tasks area.
Create New Task Click this button to add a new task for the current flow to which to transfer the call. The new task appears in the Reusable Tasks area, where you can configure the added task for use in the Jump to Task action.
Go to Task button Click this button to open the newly created task in the task editor, where you can view or modify the task actions.