• The telephone number of the auto-conference’s phone
  • The PIN number associated with the auto-conference (if an admin has set one for that auto-conference)

Auto-conferencing allows conference participants to dial a phone number to join and participate in a phone conference. 

Join an auto-conference

  1. From the Genesys Cloud Calls panel or any phone, dial the number of the auto-conference phone. 
  2. If asked for a PIN number, say or dial the PIN number for that conference.
  3. After the tone, say your name. Genesys Cloud uses your name to announce your arrival to the conference. 
    Note: To skip saying your name and to play a tone to announce your arrival to the conference, press the pound key (#).

If the conference has not started…

If you arrive before the moderator has started the conference, Genesys Cloud sends you to a waiting lobby with hold music. When the moderator starts the conference, Genesys Cloud joins all waiting participants to the conference. If the moderator does not answer within 30 seconds of the first participant calling into the conference, Genesys Cloud disconnects you from the conference. 

If the conference has started…

If you arrive after the moderator has started the conference, to announce your arrival, Genesys Cloud plays your name or a tone and connects you to the other conference participants. 

Invite others to join the conference

Moderators and participants can add a participant from the Genesys Cloud calls panel to invite new participants to join the current conference. Moderators and participants can also transfer the call to invite a new participant to join the conference. The person transferring the call then leaves the conference as the new participant connects to the conference. Invited participants do not need to enter a PIN to join the conference.