• A phone set up as an auto-conference phone

Auto-conferencing allows conference participants to dial a phone number to join and participate in a phone conference. Auto-conferences are linked to specific phones. The person who answers the auto-conference phone is the conference’s moderator. 

Note: Only users with telephony admin permissions can set up phones as auto-conference phones. To set up a phone as an auto conference phone, navigate to Admin > Telephony > Phone Management and select the phone you want to set up as an auto-conference phone. Select the Line Keys tab. In the Interface expandable drop-down, select Enable Auto-Conference. For more information about auto-conference settings for a specific phone, see the Find your phone’s configuration settings article. 

Start the conference

If no one has called into the conference, the moderator can start a new conference by pressing ** on the phone. As other participants call the auto-conference’s number, the system announces them and joins them to the conference.

If participants have called into the conference and the phone is ringing, the moderator starts the conference by answering the phone. The system announces any waiting participants and connects them to the conference. If the moderator rejects the call or does not answer the phone within 30 seconds, the system alerts and disconnects any waiting participants.

Add participants

Moderators and participants can add a participant from the Genesys Cloud calls panel to invite new participants to join the current conference. Moderators and participants can also transfer the conference call to invite a new participant to join the conference. The person transferring the call then leaves the conference as the new participant connects to the conference. Invited participants do not need to enter a PIN to join the conference. 

Leave the conference

If the moderator leaves the conference, the conference continues with the remaining participants. New participants can still join the unmoderated conference. The moderator can rejoin the conference by pressing ** on the phone.