Get a conversation ID for Customer Care

  • Conversation > Communication > View 

If your problem relates to a call, then obtain the conversation ID, or interaction URL, before contacting Customer Care. Call-related problems include stuck calls, bad audio, failed transfers, and other issues with voice interactions.

The method of finding the conversation ID depends on whether the conversation is active or completed.

To copy the conversation ID, click the icon to the right of the phone number.

  1. Click Performance > Interactions
  2. Open an interaction that shows signs of the problem. 
  3. Copy the conversation ID. The conversation ID is the alphanumeric string that follows “interactions/” in the web address.

Provide this ID number to PureCloud Support when creating a ticket.

The following information is also useful:

  • Date and approximate time of interaction
  • Approximate duration
  • Phone number associated with the interaction
  • Inbound or outbound

For additional helpful information, see Troubleshooting before calling Customer Care.