Gather Chrome console logs

A console log helps Customer Care diagnose issues with PureCloud.

The method to get a console log on Mac and Windows is the same:

  1. In your Chrome browser, click  and then More tools > Developer tools.

    Note: It is normal to see that tracing is already running in the Console upon opening.

  2. To the upper right of the Developer tools menu, click .

  3. Click Settings.
  4. Under the Console section, click the following checkboxes:
    • Log XMLHttpRequests
    • Show timestamps
    • Preserve log upon navigation
  5. At the upper right, to close the page, click .
  6. Click the Console tab. 

  7.  To the right of the Filter field, click the list of filter levels, and click any filter levels not already selected. Make sure that you select All levels.
  8. To the far left of the Filter field, to clear the console click .
  9. Leave the console open and reproduce the steps for the issue under investigation.
  10. After you reproduce the issue, return to the console.
  11. Right-click and save the log file.
  12. Upload the file to the Support ticket along with any other requested information. Use My Support to open and manage your support cases.