Feature releases and communication

Learn about PureCloud feature releases, controls, and communication that Genesys provides to help customers manage changes in a continuous delivery model.

Feature releases

PureCloud feature releases occur weekly. Feature release approvals occur on Fridays. The actual feature release occurs five days later, on Wednesdays.

Release approval for new and enhanced PureCloud features requires thorough testing and limited use in controlled production environments. Release approval includes other criteria such as completed documentation and a plan for customer communication.

Most new features and enhancements require administrator or contact center manager configuration. Some new features and enhancements impact agents and the agent interface.

To minimize customer impact in this abbreviated release cycle, particularly to agents and the agent interface:

  • If a major functional change impacts the agent interface, Genesys takes extra care to communicate it across the channels described below.
  • New features and major changes to existing functionality are typically gated from appearing in the agent interface by one or both of the following:
    • Administrators must enable new feature licensing and permissions.
    • Administrators or contact center managers must complete new feature or major functionality change configuration.

    Feature release communication

    Genesys provides various pre-release and release communications to help customers prepare for new and enhanced feature releases.

    Features coming soon

    Advance notice about features coming in the next release are available five days before release in Features coming soon.

    Genesys Knowledge Network and Genesys Community

    Planned high-level changes, announcements, webinars, and blogs about upcoming features are posted in Genesys Knowledge Network and Genesys Community.

    PureCloud Developer Center 

    Advance notice about upcoming API changes is available in Announcements in the PureCloud Developer Center.

    PureCloud Release Notes 

    The PureCloud Release Notes announce the new and enhanced features released each Wednesday, with links to Resource Center and Developer Center documentation. The PureCloud Release Notes also include deprecation announcements.

    To increase accessibility:

    • Customers can subscribe to receive weekly email notifications that Genesys sends after the Wednesday PureCloud Release Notes publish.
    • Customers can open the PureCloud Release Notes directly from the PureCloud Admin UI in the right column.
    Note: The PureCloud Release Notes do not include bug fixes or minor cosmetic changes.

    In-app notifications

    Genesys provides in-app notifications in the PureCloud UI when new features and significant enhancements are released. The notifications provide links to supporting documentation in the Resource Center.


    The complete list of features deprecations, including announcement and removal dates, is available in Feature deprecations.