The user interface (UI) plays a critical role in shaping the overall user experience. Genesys Cloud is committed to keeping users informed about upcoming changes that have a substantial impact on the UI or user experience.

The approach to communication revolves around clarity. When features with substantial UI impact are nearing general availability in production, Release Notes provide an overview, detailing the changes users can expect.

Different features may have varying degrees of impact, the communication strategy is tailored to provide advance notice accordingly. For example, features with a large impact, may need multiple updates to the Resource Center announcement along with email notifications over time. To provide a visual understanding, Genesys may incorporate screenshots and videos to help users grasp the changes effectively.

Communication doesn’t stop at the Resource Center. Engagement with the community is made easier through various channels. For instance, there may be an initiation of a community forum post, fostering a space for discussions and queries. Also, users can anticipate updates through newsletters, ensuring that the information reaches a wider audience.

As Genesys Cloud evolves and enhances, the commitment to user satisfaction remains unwavering. By adopting diverse communication methods, the aim is to empower users with the knowledge they need to navigate and embrace an evolving UI landscape easily. 

For more information, see User interface and user experience announcements.