Continuous delivery model

Genesys Cloud products use the continuous delivery model. Instead of releasing large batches of changes two or three times a year, we continuously release changes as we make them. As soon as an update meets our quality standards, we push that update to production. If we detect a problem, we immediately roll back the deployment to examine the problem with no downtime in service.

This delivery model enables us to deploy small batches of changes as needed without interrupting the user experience, giving Genesys Cloud the flexibility to quickly develop, test, and release:

  • Usability enhancements — Our user experience team is always looking for new ways to make Genesys Cloud more useful and easier to use.
  • Patches — Engineering and quality assurance teams work together to keep the products running smoothly.
  • Security updates — Information Security stays vigilant of the evolving threats in cyberspace and adjusts our defensive strategy as needed, when needed.
  • Resource Center updates — Our documentation and education teams update Resource Center content every week.

For our customers, continuous delivery means that no one is locked into a specific version. When you subscribe to our service, you get the latest version, and you continue to have the latest version throughout the life of your subscription.

See Benefits of continuous integration-continuous deployment (CI-CD) for more information.