I cannot move an object into a division

If you are unable to move an object into a division, confirm that you have permission to edit that type of object in:

  • The division in which the object currently belongs.
  • The division into which you want to move the object.

My Queue Activity View shows agents outside my divisions

When a supervisor has access to the Queue Activity view, they see all users in that queue even if the user belongs to a different division. Although the supervisor cannot open details for users in a different division, the users’ queue membership, presence, and conversation details appear in the Queue Activity view.

I see data differences in the Skills Performance views

Between two supervisors in a single division, metrics shown in this view or any other performance views may differ.

The Agent Transfer view shows all users (or queues) in the system

Access control does not limit transfer targets for transfers. An agent or supervisor can always look up an individual or queue, regardless of division, to transfer a conversation.

My scheduled reports fail to run after configuring access control

You may have lost access to the objects you select for the report. Ensure that you have appropriate access to the division and that you set up report parameters properly.

I see a limited number of objects in administrator views

You may not have appropriate permission to access certain divisions. From an admin perspective, objects outside these divisions are not accessible.