Edit Group page

The Edit Group page allows you to configure group settings, add a profile picture, and control membership. 

Workforce engagement for PureConnect and Genesys Engage users

This Genesys Cloud  feature is not available to users from the PureConnect and Genesys Engage platforms. Users from those platforms can supplement or replace their platform’s workforce engagement features with the robust and scalable features available in Genesys Cloud.

For more information about how customers from those platforms use Genesys Cloud features, see Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement for PureConnect Solution Guide and Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement for Genesys Engage Solution Guide. (Links TBD)

To open this page:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Directory, click Groups.
  3. Click the row for an existing group.

The left side contains controls for configuring group settings.

Control Action
Edit link Opens a menu for editing the title and description, adding a profile picture, changing the privacy setttings, editing the contact information, and deleting the group.
Chat button Starts a chat with members of this group.
Favorites button Adds or removes the group from your Favorites
Group phone Starts a call with the group’s phone number.

The right side contains controls for viewing and editing group membership.

Control Action
View Rules/View Membership link Switches between showing a list of group members and showing group membership rules.
Member drop-down menu Filters the membership list by owners, members added individually, and members added by rules.
Edit link Lets you add or remove group owners and members individually or with membership rules.

Note:  These controls only apply if you use the Microsoft Exchange integration. See About the Microsoft Exchange Connector.

Control Action
Sync with Exchange Creates a distribution group in Microsoft Exchange and keeps the it to date when group membership changes in Genesys Cloud.
Group Email Address Overrides the default email address for the Outlook distribution group that is synchronized with this Genesys Cloud group.