The Edit group page allows you to configure group settings, add a group profile picture, and control membership. 

To open this page:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Directory, click Groups.
  3. For a General group, click the General tab. For a Skill Expression group, click the Skill Expression tab.
  4. Click the name of the group that you want to edit.

The Edit Group page appears.

On the left side, you can access these group actions:

Control Action

This menu allows you to perform these tasks:

  • Edit the group’s general information, like title and description.
  • Add a group profile picture.
  • Edit the group privacy settings
  • Delete the group.
Chat button Starts a chat with members of this group.
Favorites button Adds or removes the group from your Favorites
Group phone Starts a call with the group’s phone number.
Note: A group’s configuration determine which contact buttons are available.

On the right side, you can access two tabs that allow you to view and edit group membership and roles settings.

On the Membership tab, you can access these actions:

Control Action
View Rules/View Membership Switches between showing a list of group members and showing group membership rules.
All Members

This menu filters the membership list by the following:

  • All members.
  • Individuals.
  • Owners.
  • Members added by rules.
Edit Lets you add or remove group owners and members individually or with membership rules.

On the Roles tab, you can access these actions:

Control Action
Enable Roles Lets you enable or disable roles.
Assign Roles Lets you assign roles to the group.