If you have already downloaded and installed the PureCloud Softphone but the phone is not connected, it means that automatic provisioning did not occur for one of these following reasons:

  • The telephony administrator did not perform the necessary administration configuration
  • The server could not locate the phone’s configuration file

If this is the case, you or the telephony administrator must run the PureCloud Softphone Provisioning Wizard so that the server can generate the appropriate configuration and send it to the phone.

  1. Open the PureCloud Softphone Provisioning Wizard and select Provision PureCloud Softphone from the error message that appeared following the installation: 
    or right-click the PureCloud Softphone icon in the task bar notification area 
    SoftphoneDisconnectedTray and select Provision… from the PureCloud Softphone menu
  2. Step through the wizard. Work with the telephony administrator to obtain the necessary information to:
  • Automatically or manually load the configuration file
  • If manually loading the configuration file, provide server address and ID
  • If your machine has multiple network adapters, select the appropriate network adapter