Disassociate an agent from a station


The following permissions:

  • Analytics Conversation Aggregate View
  • Analytics Conversation DetailView
  • Analytics Queue Observation View
  • Directory > User > View
  • Routing > Queue > View
  • UI > Supervisor Queue Details > View 
  • UI > Supervisor Status Control > View

    To disassociate an agent from a station:

    • Telephony > StationDisassociate

    Disassociate an agent’s station

    Disassociating an agent from a station makes the station available for another agent. Disassociate an agent’s station in the following views:

    For example, to disassociate an agent from a station, in the Agents Performance Summary view complete the following steps:

    1. Go to PerformanceAgents
    2. In the Station column, locate an offline agent that is assigned a station.
    3. Hover over the presence dot beside the agent's name.
    4. To disassociate the agent, click Disassociate Station

    Note: Users with Telephony > Station > Disassociate and Directory > User > View are able to disassociate agents from stations even if those agents are not within their divisions.