Partner services

PureCloud is a self-servicing platform designed to be flexible when configuring an organization, so the customer determines who accesses PureCloud, which devices run PureCloud software, and where these devices are located. Since each customer organization is unique, the customer is responsible for maintaining and managing all configurable items within their organization. For more, see Customer areas of responsibility.

PureCloud’s Partner community is available to customers for assistance. Use the PureCloud Partner Directory to find a service provider that can help you buy, implement, service, support, and develop integrations to the PureCloud Platform.

Partners typically provide the following services à la carte and packaged together:

Onboarding services

  • PureCloud configuration — Setup and configuration of telephony, dial plans, users, workgroups, roles, IVR, ACD, speech recognition, quality monitoring, agent scripting, reporting
  • Bridge Platform — Installation, pairing, and configuration of the Bridge Server and connectors such as the Active Directory Connector
  • PureCloud Edge — Installation, pairing, and configuration of local Edges with local telephony circuits
  • Phones — Installation, setup, provisioning, and on-going local support of devices
  • Training — Custom training solutions for business users, agents, and supervisors

Advanced services

  • Bridge Connectors — Development and implementation of custom integrations with in-house enterprise solutions
  • Integrations — Development and implementation of custom integrations using PureCloud public REST APIs
  • Consulting services — Organizational change management strategies, contact center best practices, workforce management, contact center metrics/reporting, and outbound dialing strategies

Platform support 

  • Level 1 — Basic how-to questions and MACs (Moves, Adds, and Changes)
  • Level 2 — Detailed feature questions, complex platform and configuration assistance
  • Level 3 — Customer representation with PureCloud Technical Support for platform issues


  • Network design validation — Validation of voice design requirements and data networking best practices
  • VoIP readiness assessment — Active testing to confirm that customer network infrastructure meets VoIP traffic requirements
  • Network delivery services — Design, installation, configuration, testing, and hand-off of new and existing networking infrastructure