Create an outbound route

Genesys Cloud automatically creates default outbound routes. You can also create new outbound routes or modify existing ones.

For more information on the number plans associated with outbound routes, see  Number plan information and Add a number plan.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Sites.
  3. Locate and click your site on the Site Name list.
  4. Click the Outbound Routes tab.
  5. Click New Outbound Route.
  6. Enter an outbound route Name and a Description.
  7. From the Classifications list, select a classification.
  8. From the Select an External Trunk list, select the appropriate trunks.
  9. If you select more than one external trunk, you can specify a Distribution Pattern to define how outgoing calls are routed to available trunks.
    • Select Sequential to route outgoing calls to each trunk in succession beginning with the first trunk.

(If the first trunk has reached its capacity or the call is rejected, then outgoing calls are routed to the second trunk and so on.)

    • Select Random to route outgoing calls to a randomly selected trunk.

(You can use this option to essentially load balance outgoing calls across all available trunks.)

  1. To enable the outbound route, enable the State setting.
  2. Click Save Outbound Routes.OutboundRouteV2