Create an Import template

  • Outbound > Contact List > Add, Delete, Edit, View permissions
  • OutboundImport TemplateAddDeleteEdit, View permissions
  • Outbound > Attempt Limits > View to add an attempt limit to the contact list

A file to upload in .csv format that is encoded in UTF-8 format

Create an import template to build contact lists from a .csv file. To configure the import template, select a contact list template, a contact list filter, and splitting criteria. Use the import template to logically split and filter a .csv file to build contact lists.

Use the Import Templates tab to create a new import template and to display a list of your Import templates to work with. To create an import template, follow these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Outbound, click List Management.
  3. Click the Import Templates tab.
  4. Click Create New.
  5. In the Import Template Name box, enter a unique name. Names can contain spaces, numbers, and special characters, but must be unique.
  6. Select a template from the Contact List Template box. The contact list template contains the configuration for the contact list that is created. 
  7. Optionally, select a filter from the Contact List Filter box. The contact list filter selects the records to include in the contact list.
  8. In the List Name Format box, select the format for the name of the contact list to create. To view format value examples, hover over . If you select Custom format, in the Custom List Name Format box, enter the tokens for your name format. Hover over to view information on token values and meanings.
  9. To create multiple contact lists from an uploaded .csv file, configure Splitting Criteria for your import template. To split the .csv file when creating your contact lists, toggle Splitting Criteria to Yes. Under Splitting Information, select a Criteria and enter the Criteria Value
    Criteria Criteria Value
    Column Select the column to split.
    Custom Select your contact list filters. When the Use Waterfall Rule toggle is set to Yes, contacts are only added to the contact list for the first matching filter. To add contacts to the contact lists for all matching filters, set the waterfall rule to No. The default setting for the Use Waterfall Rule toggle is Yes.
    Percentage Enter the percentage of records to include in each contact list. For example, if you have 50 records and you enter 20 percent, you create five contact lists that contain 10 records each.
    Quantity Enter the number of records to include in each contact list. For example, if you have 50 records and enter 20, two contact lists contain 20 records each. To create a contact list with the remaining 10 records, be sure that the Create Remainder Contact List toggle is set to Yes
  10. To create the new import template, click Save

To work with your import templates, from the OutboundList ManagementImport Templates tab, select an import template. You can Edit, Copy, or Delete your templates. 

Note: When an import is in progress, the view import progress icon displays. To view the import task progress, click the icon. The Import Task Progress dialog box displays information on the task. If the file successfully imported, the information is available for one day. If the task fails to import, the information is available for five days.