• Wallboard subscription
    Your subscription includes the Wallboard Account role, which allows you to configure wallboard users.
  • The Wallboard role should have these permissions:
      • Analytics > Conversation Aggregate > View
      • Analytics > Conversation Detail > View
      • Analytics > Dashboard Configurations > Edit
      • Analytics > Dashboard Configurations > View
      • Analytics > Flow Aggregate > View
      • Analytics > Flow Observation > View
      • Analytics > Queue Observation > View
      • Analytics > User Aggregate > View
      • Architect > Flow Milestone > View
      • Architect > Flow Outcome > View
      • Architect > Flow > View
      • Directory > User > View
      • Routing > Queue > View
      • Routing > Wrap-up Code > View
      • Workforce ManagementReal-Time adherenceView

As an administrator, you can create a wallboard account so that you can display a dashboard without having to pay for and use a full Genesys Cloud license.

  • A wallboard account has a reduced permission set compared with a Genesys Cloud user.
  • Using the wallboard account allows you to display a wallboard without requiring the use of a full Genesys Cloud license during the billing cycle. 
  • The first wallboard account is free to use. You will be billed for any wallboard account that you configure after the first one.

To create a Wallboard Account:

  1. Create a new user. We recommend you use a naming convention like Wallboard User 1, Wallboard User 2, and so on.
  2. Assign the role Wallboard role to the new Wallboard User you created.
    Warning: Do not assign any other role or permission not listed to the Wallboard User. If any other permissions are present, you will be charged for the full Genesys Cloud license.
  3. Create a dashboard.

After you have created the dashboard, you can log in to Genesys Cloud as wallboard user and display your dashboard.

Note: The wallboard user does not have to be logged in to be billed during the period. Wallboard accounts are billed based on the number of wallboard accounts that have been configured, not by log in events during the cycle.


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