Configure inbound email settings

Flow authors can determine how to handle auto-generated incoming email messages, such as out of office notices. By default, the setting is to disconnect.

Note: PureCloud determines whether the email is an automatically generated email by confirming that:
  • The Auto-Submitted header value is not equal to “no”
  • The “Precedence” header contains a value of “bulk”
  • The “X-Autoreply” header contains a value of “yes”

To access inbound email settings:

  1. From the Architect home page, click or hover over the Flows menu and select the desired flow type.
  2. Create a new flow or select an existing one. The flow’s configuration page opens.
  3. Under Settings, click Inbound Email.
Name Description

Inbound auto-generated email handling

From the list, do one of the following:

  • To keep the default Disconnect setting, leave the setting unchanged.
  • To process the inbound email like any other email, select Process as normal.